Rules and Regulations

Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial

The Town Council operates a Policy whereby every new burial plot must have a Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial.The Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial permits the purchaser,  preferably up to Two Grant of Right Holders, to decide who is buried in the grave for a period of sixty years. After this time has elapsed, it may be possible to extend the period. The Town Council encourages other members of the family to be made aware of and accept this, as problems can arise if, for example, there is a disagreement in the family at a later date.  The registered purchaser of the grant should notify the Town Council of any changes to their address.

The Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial is a legal contract, which permits the purchaser to be buried in that grave. It also gives the purchaser the authority for further burials in that grave [provided the grave is deep enough for those burials]. However, the burial ground remains in full ownership of Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council.

No grave, in which the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased, will be opened without the signature of the purchaser or his/her next of kin. [Please see below].


Transfer of Grave Ownership

In the event of the death of the original purchaser of the burial plot, the person claiming to be entitled to the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial must obtain a formal transfer of ownership with Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council. A Letter of Probate, or Letters of Administration will be accepted as proof.  If however the owner has died intestate please contact the office on 01793 850222 for further information on applying for a statutory declaration. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact the office



When a Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased those memorials become the sole responsibility of the Grant of Exclusive Right purchaser/ holder. The Town Council will periodically inspect the cemetery to determine the condition of memorials.  Any memorial classified as unsafe will be reported to the purchaser /holder in order for them to arrange repair, with permission to be sought from Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council for the works to be carried out. In the interim, the memorial will either be supported with wooden stakes or laid down to avoid any possible accident or injury.   Any memorial, which is deemed an immediate danger to the public, will be made safe without prior notification.

Permission MUST be sought for the erection of a memorial, or to add an inscription. When a Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased, only the Grant of Exclusive Right holder may apply for the erection of a memorial, or to add an inscription at Royal Wootton Bassett Cemetery.

All memorials are to be installed in compliance with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) Code of Working Practice and to performance specification BS 8415: 2005.


Pre Purchase of Burial Plot

Only residents of the parish of Royal Wootton Bassett will be able to pre-purchase graves. At the time of pre-purchase an earthen grave must be pre-dug and refilled at a cost to the purchaser. Please telephone the office for fees.

The Town Council reserves the right to make any alterations or additions to these rules and regulations.

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